Selling a Home

If you are looking to sell your property quickly, let us help you thru the process.  Whether the sale of your home is a traditional sale or if your property is in foreclosure, we can help.  Our office is experienced in helping Sellers work thru our current market conditions.

Traditional Property Sales

For properties not in foreclosure, we can help bring a qualified Buyer to purchase the property.  We understand the markets conditions, and will carefully help you obtain the best price for your property.

We have recently seen property prices move up significantly.  In some areas prices are back to the price range before our recession.  For sellers, this makes selling your home a little easier in getting a fair price.

To get an idea of how much homes are selling for in your neighborhood, please feel free to send us an email with your property address included.  We will give you a free evaluation of what price range your home might sell for today.

Properties in Foreclosure

If your property is in foreclosure, we can also help.  One option is to sell the property as a short sale, prior to the auction date.  This is a way to avoid a ‘foreclosure’ on your credit report.  The process involves finding a qualified buyer; and then working with the property’s bank(s) to have them accept a selling price for less than the amount owed on the property.  This is a Short Sale.

We help manage this process for you.  Part of our job is to communicate with the banks on your behalf in order to get the short sale approved.  We help assemble the required documents and put together the ‘short sale package’ for the banks review.  We will also coordinate the process with the Buyer and/or their agent.

There are many steps involved, but our office can help you work thru this process as smoothly as possible.  There are no out of pocket expenses to you for our services.  The banks approving the short sale pay for the agent’s fees.

The important thing for many home owners facing a foreclosure is to understand what some of the options are.  Please feel free to contact us learn more about real estate in Napa or in the surrounding counties.


Please feel free to call me for more information, or to help you get started. 

Robert Juarez, Broker/Agent

Cell:  (707) 337-2255